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Qibla wall in mosque design

In a mosque, usually the main qibla wall is laid straight with a mihrab niche in it. My question is, can it be a curve or semi-circular wall with a niche or marking of mihrab? (keeping the respect and importance of the first row "Saf" being the longer.)

Please guide me..
Muhammad Fahad Qureshi
Qibla wall in mosque design

The usual conventional style is the straight wall, I must confess i'm yet to come across this newly proposed style, in the meanwhile, I'll do some research to find out if this is OK or not. Ma salaam.
Fadeelah Shittu
Qibla wall in mosque design
Hello Mohammed,

I think that it's not a problem to design the mosque in a new shape and new style, but the importance here is to respect the qibla and the easy way to be in rows... If you can solve that, there's no borders for your imagination.
Ibrahim Karsou
Qibla wall in mosque design
I agree with Ibrahim.

Indeed, you can do a new design in mihrab, but there is something that you should at least should consider. Mihrab is a sign and a director to qibla, so this function should be done in the best way with respect to tradition as well.
Nasim Iranmanesh
Qibla wall in mosque design

I would like to thank all of you, for taking out time and your valuable input. Yes, I'm respecting the functional requirement of prayer, and how it is organized. I was just concerned about qibla wall. Once again, I'm really thankful to all of you and looking forward for more feedback and suggestions.

thanking you.
Muhammad Fahad Qureshi


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