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Islamic Architecture
Architecture and political power 4
Blueprint of Aleppo Citadel 0
Mosque of Mohammed Ali, Cairo 1
Monuments in Osh, Kyrgyzstan 0
Ismaili architecture and the Aga Khan 9
Beautiful historic domes 2
Islamic prayer rugs (jainamaz) 8
Islamic architecture in Iran 8
Evolution of Mughal gardens 11
Importance of Shari'ah law to architecture 23
Architecture de loisir -- Architecture of leisure 3
Islamic architecture in North America 1
Amir Iljay al-Yusufi Funerary Complex 1
Traditional sun shading elements 4
Community mosque architecture 5
Construction in the Ottoman classical period 2
Islamic architecture in Italy 6
Dolmabahçe Palace Complex 3
Covered markets (souk) in Iran and Turkey 1
Source for 'Ottoman Baroque,' 'Tulip Age' 6
Why do we say "Islamic" architecture? 5
Koran Case in Istanbul 0
Islamic influence in Europe, Middle Ages 1
Funerary architecture in Sindh and Baluchistan, Pakistan 2
Taj Mahal arch geometry 3
Islamic art and northern medieval Italy 5
The Convivencia, southern Spain 8th to 12th c. 8
Reuse and preservation in Kavala, Greece 0
Images of Suri architecture in Pakistan 3
Manuals on Islamic Architecture 1
Hadim Ibrahim Pasha Mosque 1
Interaction between Islamic and Chinese architecture 13
Careers related to Islamic art and architecture 2
Carved stucco in North Africa and Spain 2
Nizam-ud-Din Auliya Shrine Complex 8
Nomadizing in Jordan 1
Glass Minarets? 2
Monumental Kufic 2
Ottoman influence on Italian Renaissance 4
Decoration of Abbasid fountains, baths and wells 1
'Abd al-Ghani al-Fakhri Mosque 1
Basil Al-Bayati and aesthetic architecture 1
Mashad, Masjid-i Shah or Haftado Dotan Mosque 1
Qibla wall in mosque design 4
Symbolism of 8-pointed star in Islamic architecture 21
Growth of Islamic cities, Sana'a in Yemen 0
Minarets 3
Sculpture in Islam 3
How to see Quranic verses on architectural monuments 1
Calligraphy and contemporary Islamic architecture 3
Between Western and Islamic architecture 1
Baha'i faith and architecture 3
Study: Islamic Cultural Center 2
Deconstruction in an Islamic perspective 7
The Death of God! 6
Architecture based on Qur'an and Sunnah 10
Multiple story mosques? 7
Muslim Community Center of Greater San Diego 2
Local terms for square and octagonal plan forms 0
Columns in prayer hall of a mosque 3
Damp course in Coralstone House 2
Calligraphy in historic Islamic architecture 10
Architecture of mosques 1
Architectural Plans of the Grand Mosque in Mecca 1
Why Islamic architecture? 13
Ibn Naqib on Zabid, Yemen 0
Religion and urban contexts 5
Abuja National Mosque 2
Architecture of the Dead; In Islam 3
Muqarnas - research paper 3
Designing a modern mosque 25
Contemporary mosque design 7
Thesis: Islamic Center of Warsaw 6
Preserving traditional crafts 1
Last Judgement 2
Islamic houses to the "core", but with no "court" 0
Bahlol Lodhi's tomb, Delhi 1
What is the greatest masterpiece of Islamic architecture? 21
The Great Mosque of Cordoba & The Great Mosque of Makkah 1
Minarets 3
Islamic architecture presentation 14
Compare Islamic with Byzantine architecture 1
Foundation systems for tomb structures 2
Map of Imam Square [Isfahan] 1
Nouveau "Workspace" 5
Sources about Mimar Sinan 1
Tughlaq, Sayyid and Lodhi monuments in Delhi 8
Mosque al-Amin, Riyadh 0
Architect Abdel Salam A. Nazif and Martyrs' Mosque, Baghdad 0
Contemporary Islamic house 4
Comfort in Islamic architecture 6
Four-iwan typology 2
Islamic architecture 44
Islamic art studies in the United Kingdom 5
What are the future missions of Islamic architecture? 24
Space in Islamic architecture versus western architecture 4
2004 Aga Khan Award for Architecture 4
Ancient coral-buildings, Sudanese coast 9
Islamic architecture in Malaysia 5
Spaces of Muslim Worship and Gathering 0


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