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Islamic Architecture
Islamic woodworking 2
do you think islamic architecture could be sustainable ?? 1
Is visual privacy is a dilemma in modern Islamic societies? 3
Mosque of Osman Şah, Trikala, Greece 1
Inside and Outside eyes on Islamic architecture 0
Salaam 4
Islamic Influence on Renaissance Architecture 5
Interviewing architects...please help 1
Images of Sultan Han and Koza Han 3
AKTC-Afghanistan Newsletter XIII, May/June 2008. Brochure prepared by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture in Afghanistan. 0
Mosque Finials 1
suadi arabia embassy 0
Mosques in Gulf.1950-2008 1
i want ur opinion 1
forign architects in islamic world 6
a question to every one. 2
Artisans from Turkey 0
badshahi mosque, lahore 1
Mosques in Guyana 0
khirki masjid and begumpuri masjid,jami masjid,delhi 1
Mosaic decoration 0
Courtyards and their role in Islamic Society 3
Renown Muslim Architects at present 1
"star" architects' mosque design 0
Thesis-Quistionare 6
Mameluk Marble Floors in Cairo 2
Number/capacity of prayer facilities in large buildings 0
Aswan, Egypt 1
development of contemporary islamic architecture in india- exploring the design of JAMIA MILIA ISLAMIA University ,new delhi , India 4
Persian Rug Image: Mashhad or Herat 0
why are there so few surviving Almoravid buildings? 2
how to build a house in accordance to Al- qur'an and hadith ??? 13
Fountian in the Umayyad Mosque, Damascus 4
Wekala Architecture 4
Considerations on the concept of landmark 3
Really need help - cad blocks 1
Old Damascus House 0
sense in islamic architecture 9
andre paccard 1
Media facade / Quran quotes? 3
Kampung Keling Mosque 0
How do you define this special mosque? 6
aurangzeb 2
shovadan! 1
formula for design on arch of the tomb of asif jah 2
Effects of Climate on Architecture in the Middle EAst 8
water system 2
Materials used during the Mameluke Period 0
lighting design in islamic monuments 0
research paper 2
Abraj Al-Bait - Towers Encroaching on Kaaba 46
islamic architecture of mosques 10
New Maluk architecture 4
Construction of Sejuk Arches and Portals 17
Referances of monuments in Lahore 2
Islamic civilization 16
Mosque in Northeast Ohio 2
Islamic architecture 16
Afghan Rugs Featuring Architectural Subjects 2
center of islamic culture in Scandinavia 5
Islamic fortification 8
Triangular prayer hall? 3
Spiritual emotions 5
Geometry as decoration in Islamic architecture 2
Legitimacy of Islamic elements 8
Domed Chatris in Mughal Architecture - Hindu or Persian? 8
Mimar magazine 1
Horseshoe arch design 1
Architects specialized in Islamic architecture 1
Al Aqsa excavations 3
Kaaba and Hajar Tower 0
Hammams in North Africa 10
Islamic stained glass windows 1
How to do carved plaster 2
Help with Humanities Database 1
Secrets of "Islamic" architecture 20
Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture 2
Thesis: Design of Ismaili Centre / Jamatkhana 1
No Gumbad Mosque, Afghanistan 3
Islamic Architecture and Geometry 5
Architecture and Beauty 0
Iranian architecture 2
Vernacular architecture of Srinagar 6
Identifying building in India / Pakistan 5
Ali Qapu, Isfahan 9
Salar and Sinjar Al-Jawl's building in Cairo 1
Dictionaries of medieval Islamic architecture 1
Looking for experts on Islamic architecture 0
Masters degrees in Islamic architecture, in the U.K. 3
Impact of the Cairo Financial Center 0
Baha-ut Din Naqshband Complex, Bukhara 2
AKTC and cultural heritage 0
Geomancy in Islamic architecture 5
Mosques in UAE 3
Mausoleum of Sheikh Jalal al-Din Tabrizi 1
Khajou Bridge, Isfahan 5
A 12th century inn in Multan 0


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